Directory of Records

In addition to the information below, you may use the Personal Information Banks document to assist your understanding of records held by HGMH.

Category Description of General Class of Records
Administration and Governance Records relating to the operations and management of HGMH. General records include plans, strategies, charts, information on departments and programs, policies and procedures
Board of Directors Records relating to the operations and management of the Board of Directors, general records including meeting summaries, agendas and minutes
Finance/Business Office Records relating to management functions, including accounting transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, financial reporting and policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards and accompanying documentation.
General records may also include requisitions, deposit control reports, direct payments and bank transfers, records relating to employee expenses, and purchase orders.
Capital Projects Records relating to the planning, construction and commissioning of renovations at HGMH.  General records include plans and other communications.
Clinical Projects Records relating to the quality, safety and accessibility of services offered by HGMH.
Corporate Communications Planning and Partnership Records relating to HGMH communications, initiatives and services.
General records relate to special events, public and media relations, publications and presentations
Facility/House Services Records related to the operation and management of the HGMH facility and property.
General records relate to space planning, maintenance, and environmental control.
Finance Records relating to financial resources of HGMH.
General records may include documents relating to budget planning, income and expenditure, procurement development, vendor evaluations and contract management
Human Resources Records relating to HGMH's employees. General records may include job classifications, salary ranges and collective agreements.
Information Technology Records relating to the maintenance, development and management of HGMH's information holdings.
Information and Privacy Office Records relating to the hospital's compliance with obligations and processes set out in PHIPA and FIPPA.
Meeting Minutes and Agendas Records related to the meetings of various departments, committees and groups to support the hospital's operations, services and programs.
Occupational Health and Safety Records relating to occupational health and safety. General records may include statistical data, policies and procedures.
Organizational Quality and Safety  Records relating to incident investigations and risk assessments.
Patient Relations Records relating to patient compliments and complaints including monthly and yearly statistics.
Patient Satisfaction Records of statistics collected for quality improvement purposes.
Protection Services Security records and records relating to security incidents, emergency procedures and disaster planning


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