Informal Requests

HGMH makes information available to the public on a routine basis under the Public Reporting section of the HGMH website. A formal request under FIPPA is not required for information released on a routine basis.

Formal Requests for Information under FIPPA

  1. Before requesting access to general records, check the HGMH Directory of Records to determine whether HGMH maintains the information you need. FIPPA requires that Personal Information Banks also be a part of the hospital's Directory of Records. The Directory will also help you to clearly identify the records that you are looking for and may assist you in defining parameters for your request.
  2. Print and complete the Freedom of Information Request Form or request a form from the contact listed below.
  3. A written Freedom of Information Request must make reference to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, give a clear and detailed description of the records that you are seeking and include the mandatory $5.00 non-refundable request fee payable to HGMH.
  4. Requests will not be accepted by e-mail as every request must be accompanied by the requestor's original signature and the $5.00 request fee.
  5. Mail or present the completed Request Form (or written detailed request), including the mandatory $5.00 non-refundable request fee payable to HGMH to:

                         Freedom of Information Coordinator and Privacy Officer
                         Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital
                         20260 Country Rd 43
                         Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0
                         Telephone: 613-525-2222 ext 4211
  6. HGMH may contact you to clarify your request if there is not sufficient detail to identify the record(s) requested.
  7. Once the request is clear and complete, a decision letter of response will be issued within 30 days, unless a time extension is required for an extensive search. The requestor will be notified by telephone or mail if an extension is required.
  8. As per section 57 of FIPPA, the requestor may be charged for the time required to locate and prepare the records, also photocopying and shipping costs. Please see Fee information for details. A fee estimate will be provided to the requester if the costs exceed $25.
  9. The requester will be asked to pay a deposit of 50% on a fee estimate over $100 before the Hospital continues to process the request.

    HGMH will inform you whether any exemptions under FIPPA apply to requested records to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the request or not.
  10. Before you view or receive requested record(s), you will be asked to pay all applicable fees.  Payment of fees may be made with cash, debit or credit card.


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