HGMH Implements 24/7 Interpreter Services for Patients and Families

Posted on Thursday November 16, 2023

Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital (HGMH) is pleased to announce a significant enhancement to our commitment to providing the highest quality healthcare services to all members of our diverse community. We are now offering interpreter services, including American Sign Language (ASL), through LanguageLine Solutions. This new service ensures that language is not a barrier to effective communication between our healthcare professionals and our patients and families.

Language barriers can create obstacles to delivering the best medical care, and HGMH is dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the care and support they need. By partnering with the University Health Network in Toronto, this solution has been made possible for our hospital.  We now provide seamless access to professional interpreters in over 240 languages 24 hours a day, including ASL, ensuring that patients who are Deaf or hard of hearing have equitable access to our healthcare services.

Key Features of the interpreter services through LanguageLine Solutions are:

On demand access: Patients and healthcare providers can access interpreters 24/7, allowing for immediate assistance in emergency situations and during routine healthcare interactions.

Highly trained interpreters: the team of professional, certified interpreters who are experienced in medical terminology and ethics, ensures accurate and confidential communication.

Video remote interpretation: In addition to phone interpretation, we offer video remote interpretation, which is particularly important for ASL users, as it allows for clear, visual communication.

Cultural safety: Our interpreters are culturally aware and sensitive, recognizing the importance of cultural competence in healthcare interactions.

Compliance with regulatory standards: HGMH ensures full compliance with personal health information regulations and other healthcare standards to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of patient information.

Access to professional interpretation services is a vital step toward ensuring equitable healthcare delivery, improving patient satisfaction, and enhancing patient safety. Patients should never have to worry about understanding their diagnosis, treatment options, or discharge instructions. With this new interpreter service, fostering trust and open communication with all patients, regardless of their language or communication needs, is achieved.

"As a healthcare organization, our primary goal is to provide the highest quality care to every patient who walks through our doors. Language should never be a barrier to receiving the care they deserve. We are proud to offer comprehensive interpreter services, including ASL, to meet the diverse needs of our community," said Robert Alldred-Hughes, HGHM President & CEO.

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