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Aqua arthritis/Joints in motion

  • Designed for individuals with joint disorders/muscle-skeletal diseases.
  • Focusing on flexibility, muscle strengthening, posture and balance.
  • Goal to maintain and improve functional fitness.
  • Non-impact class design.

Aqua endurance

  • Taking it to your ultimate limit of muscle strength and cardio endurance.
  • Pure water training with no equipment.
  • Our instructors will challenge and motivate you to get the most out of your workout.
  • Choreography combinations infused with martial arts for mental focus.
  • Let your spirit rise as you feel your stamina increase.
  • Connect to your inner spirit, relax the mind and body with Yoga or Tai Chi and meditation stretch and cool down.


  • For the early morning enthusiast.
  • 45 minute intense and quick cardio workout.
  • Muscular strength and endurance training.
  • Followed by a 5 minute cool down session.

Cardio aqua jog

  • For those looking to take their fitness to the next level.
  • An intense 25 minutes of strength and endurance exercises infused with blasts of cardiovascular training.
  • Followed by 25 minutes of deep water running without the pounding impact on joints.
  • Great for those recovering from injury or looking to avoid it.

Fit for life

  • 7-10 minute warm-up.
  • 30 minutes cardiovascular training at a sustainable intensity level.
  • 10-15 minutes of stretching and cool down exercises.

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Pilates wet

  • Introductory 8 week program focusing on balance, posture and breath increasing core strength, stability and flexibility through water movement.
  • A mind, body and spirit class.

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Pre/post rehabilitation aquatic exercise program

This exercise program is designed specifically to address the needs of individuals who have had or are anticipating joint replacement surgery. Regular exercise can help preserve the life of your new knee or hip. However this program is not exclusive to join replacement pre/post-surgery. It is also a suitable program for individuals recovering from or living with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions that include but not limited to fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, as well as post stroke recovery, back issues, Parkinson's. For individuals who have weight bearing issues including amputations etc., as well as those who are deconditioned and may require special attention during the exercise program.

The buoyant properties of the water means there is less stress on joint during aquatic exercise, especially helpful during the early stages of recovery. When combined with a 90° pool temperature, clients find exercise can be an enjoyable experience, improving flexibility, muscles strength, posture and balance. The water is a safe effective way to correct gait imbalances.

This class is open to all individuals who have been referred by a physiotherapist or doctor. All surgical wounds must be healed.

  • The hip and knee pre/post rehabilitation program is designed for individuals who have had joint replacement surgery or are waiting to have surgery.
  • Exercising prior to surgery adds to a quicker recovery!
  • Regular exercising after surgery helps re-gain range of movement, posture and balance and correct gait imbalances.
  • Helps preserve the life of new joint as well as getting functionally fit.
  • This class is open to individuals with other post-rehab needs as well.
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