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The HGMH pool is the only therapeutic pool in the area. With water temperatures ranging between 88°-90° F, the temperature is ideal for pre/post rehabilitation, aqua fitness, family, baby and adult swims, and swimming lessons. The pool is wheelchair accessible with a water wheelchair and a ramp into the pool for easy access.

Parking is located to the west of the hospital entrance.

To contact the pool call 613-525-5671 or email inquiries to pool@hgmh.on.ca

Our Trainers

Our trainers are Canadian Aqua fitness Leadership Alliance (CALA), National Lifeguard Service (NLS), and Red Cross certified.

What are the benefits of exercising in water?

  • Multiple muscles can be worked at the same time or you isolate specific muscles.
  • Each participant is able to work at their own intensity unlike land sessions when you feel it necessary to keep up with the instructor.
  • Participants feel safer in the water-they are not going to fall and hurt themselves. They work in water that is at a level comfortable to them whether deep and or/chest deep.

Positive effects of buoyancy

  • Buoyancy decreased the effect of gravity: body weight is reduced by 75% to 90%. Special populations including the obese the elderly who may have fragile bones, the arthritic, the disabled, the injured athlete, as well as the pre- or post-natal women will exercise in relative comfort and ease
  • Buoyancy decreases the amount of shock which is transmitted through the bones, joint and ligaments on landing
  • The properties of water assist venous return. On land the downward forces of gravity pushes blood toward the feet. The cardiovascular system works against gravity to return blood to the heart. In the water, the up thrust of buoyancy counteracts the downward pull of gravity, thus assisting venous return.

Positive effects of hydrostatic pressure

  • Venous return and cardiac functions are greatly enhanced by hydrostatic pressure.
  • Hydrostatic pressure assists participants to exercise more vigorously with less strain on the cardiovascular system and reduced heart rate from a given workload.
  • Hydrostatic pressure can help reduce swelling in injured or swollen joints or limbs below water.

Positive effects of resistance

  • Accommodation: by changing and /foot configuration, lever lengths or speed of motion, exercise intensity is easily altered to adapt to a variety of participants needs. Changing range of motion will affect total work done.
  • Multi-direction resistance: resistance to movement in all directions fosters balanced core stability.
  • Intensity: the force and energy required to move through water develops muscle and bone strength as well as cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Who benefits from aqua fitness?

  • Athletes such as runners, football, basketball, soccer rugby, and marathoners, swimmers, weight lifters, walkers, gymnast, skiers and dancers.
  • All age groups.
  • Health and wellness conscious patients.
  • Rehabilitation patients e.g.: breast cancer, accident recovery, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, cardiac, sport injuries and joint rehabilitation, non-weight bearing.
  • Weight, strength, mobility challenged people of all ages.
  • Pre- and post-natal.
  • Fitness enthusiasts looking for cross training or who are unable to exercise due to weather conditions.

What is Heart Wise Exercise?

Heart Wise Exercise works with fitness providers in your community to develop and identify programs and classes that are appropriate for people who want to stay healthy or who may be living with a chronic health condition.

It is a program or class that displays the Heart Wise Exercise logo and it does the following:

  • Encourages regular, daily aerobic exercise
  • Encourages and incorporates warm up, cool down and self-monitoring with all exercise sessions
  • Allows participants to exercise at a safe level and offers options to modify intensity
  • Includes participants with chronic health conditions – physician approval may be required
  • Offers health screening for all participants
  • Has a documented emergency plan that is known to all exercise leaders, including the requirement of current CPR certification, phone access to local paramedic services and presence of a defibrillator.

In 2015, a formal evaluation of Heart Wise Exercise was performed to see how well program sites fulfill the six criteria that are at the heart of the HWE model. A survey sample of HWE participants and fitness leaders was conducted.

The results confirmed that Heart Wise Exercise participants are highly satisfied with the program. It was also determined that HWE sessions, with a few exceptions meet the six criteria of the Ottawa Heart Institute that the HWE sessions are reaching a core user group of persons with chronic health conditions and/or with risk factors for heart disease. The survey also found that the fitness leaders themselves indicated that they are confident and knowledgeable instructors in the area of exercise in chronic disease.

Reference: University of Ottawa Heart Institute

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