Leaving the Hospital

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When you become a patient in the hospital, our goal is to help you return home safely. The best place for you to decide your future care and special needs is at home. It is more difficult to make these decisions while you are in the hospital. Hospital staff and the Community Care Access Centre Care Coordinator will consider your needs to help you plan your return to home.

The "Home First" philosophy helps you and your family to get the right care in the right setting. You can continue to recover safely in your own home for as long as possible. At home, you will be in a safer place with less chance of getting a hospital infection. The services you need will come to you in your home, giving you more time to decide on your future care.

Discharge time for inpatient units is 11:00am. To avoid additional charges, please make sure you leave your room by discharge time so that it can be prepared for the next patient. Any costs associated with transportation to your home, retirement home, or long-term care is the responsibility of the patient or their family.

Vial of life

An up to date medication list can save your life. The Vial of Life package can do that. It consists of a plastic vial with a Vial of Life sticker, a Vial of Life form, and a Vial of Life magnet. The Vial of Life form can be completed by patients and family members upon discharge or post discharge. The completed form should be stored inside the plastic Vial of Life container.

Patients can request the Vial of Life package; it is provided as a service to assist patients in keeping the list of their medications current. If you are interested in receiving this free package please ask your nurse.

To use your Vial of Life:

  • Keep the form updated with the list of medications you are currently taking,
  • Keep your medication list in the vial,
  • Keep the vial in the package,
  • Keep the package in an easy to find location (e.g.: on the outside of the fridge door), and
  • Let family members know that your medication list is kept inside the vial.

Place the Vial of Life magnet or sticker on a common entrance door or where it is visible in a window, so Emergency Medical Services (ambulance, etc.) will know that you use the Vial of Life for your current medication list.

By using the Vial of Life you are making it easier for Emergency Medical Services and family members who may be transporting you to the hospital to know that your medication list is readily available and can be brought with you.

Patient satisfaction survey

Following your hospital stay, you may receive a patient satisfaction survey through the mail. We encourage you to complete it, as your feedback helps us make improvements in the quality of care and service we provide.

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