Patient Privacy and Responsibilities

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Patient declaration of Values

Patient Rights

When you are in our hospital we recognize the fundamental rights of patients and we are committed to maintaining an environment that both fosters and protects these rights.


  • Every patient has the right to be treated with courtesy and dignity in a way that recognizes individuality and is free of prejudice.
  • Accommodation in a safe and clean environment that is free from abuse.


  • To have your condition, care, and treatment explained to you or to your substitute decision maker in simplified terms to the best of the health care provider's ability; and to participate in one's care plan in either official language.
  • To be introduced to and informed of the professional status of individuals providing care and service.

To be informed

  • To receive ongoing information concerning one's diagnosis, treatment, and any known prognosis and to consent to service knowing the consequence of refusal.
  • To receive information regarding available healthcare services and options when planning for admission, discharge, or transfer from the hospital


  • To have your personal health information kept private in accordance with the Privacy Act.
  • To request that your admission to the hospital not be disclosed to certain individuals.


  • To have a parent, guardian, family member, or friend stay with you 24 hours per day in special circumstances.
  • Pastoral and palliative care services

Patient responsibilities

Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital believes that patients should participate in their treatments and be given the opportunity to make decisions regarding their health. We also believe that patients have certain responsibilities.


  • Every person working, volunteering, visiting, or receiving services from HGMH has the right to be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect


  • Be considerate and respectful of health care providers and other patients and families
  • Be considerate of other patients and respect their privacy


  • To provide accurate information about your past illnesses, previous hospitalizations, and medications and to report any unexpected changes in your condition
  • To follow the treatment plan as discussed and mutually agreed by you and your physician
  • To keep appointments or to contact the hospital when this is not possible.

Safety for Everyone

  • To observe the hospital isolation and smoking restriction policies
  • Follow instructions during emergency measures and outbreak of infections
  • Verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated


  • To make appropriate and timely arrangements for leaving the hospital upon discharge by your physician
  • To ensure that any personal financial obligations for your health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible
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